Nutrition is one of the fundamental aspects of everyday life. Our mission is to give back to our costumers the enjoyment of the meal, thanks to our natural, tasty and genuine products.

Why does Gaia smile with you? Because Gaia (whose name means “earth mother”) represents a whole new world of taste but without sacrifices. Our raw materials are not GMO products but selected and originally gluten-free ingredients that are employed without following chemical procedures. They are all natural ingredients which give our food fragrance, softness and quality.

We intend to be a “transparent company”, which is in very close contact with its consumers and does the best to meet their needs.

Our goal is to help our consumers to achieve the highest level of well-being and to offer on the market a wide range of innovative products, that address not only to gluten intolerants but also to those people who are intolerant to eggs, soy, milk, lactose and trans fats.

Our responsibility is to guarantee the lack of contamination, thanks to the constant monitoring of all production stages.